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Jordan Freytag

Jul 27
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First, we want to thank all of you who entered the contest. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions and by how much creativity each of you put into your photos. We were thrilled to see all of the beautiful gardens, both large and small, microgreen and vegetable.

The entire creative team here at True Leaf Market is so inspired by the diverse ways all of you use True Leaf Market seeds. The photos really showcased how incredibly beneficial it is to grow your own seed no matter where you are in the country! We really have the best customers in the world! Bottom line: the summer garden photo contest was a huge success that I hope has brought True Leaf Market and its customers closer together.

On to the results! It was a tough choice, but through a blind ballot system, we were able to come up with three winners!

  • Angelita Sanchez - Winner of 10,000 Rewards Points (Photo) 
    Angelita loves the outdoors in all it's forms! During quarantine she started growing micros to incorporate into her love of food and family's overall health.
  • Brian Brinkerhoff  - Winner of 5,000 Rewards Points (Photo)     
    Brian's son, Sterling took this photo, their family loves to farm fresh produce, culinary herbs and medicinal plants! They enjoy harvesting their herbs each year!
  • Kim Simpson - Winner of 1,000 Rewards Points (Photo) 
    Kim has been a lifelong organic gardener, natural health and healing are her passion, along with her dog Stewie (pictured) and foster pup Goldie. 

  • Since we had so many great submissions, we decided to do a staff favorites set of winners—something we will continue to do in future contests. Each of these people will receive 500 rewards points:

  • Mouna Bowa Farms - (Photo - Black Oil Sunflower) 
    Mike, Jessi & Kids run an urban farm that practices sustainable, regenerative farming, they love to grow micros, produce, edible flowers, as well as an array of herbs!
  • Susan Lundy(Photo) 
    From North Carolina submitted this crazy critter found on her rudbeckia!
  • Jessica Gufarotti  - (Photo)
  • Jessica works as a full time as an executive but always finds time to decompress and connect in the garden!


    Even if your photo didn't place, we will most likely showcase them on the website in the form of product photos or supportive photos for articles and/or blogs.

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    Ann Sage

    Susan’s critter looks like the Green Lynx Spider! Beautiful photos!


    Sprouts. How long do they last and how to store. Thanks

    Bronwyn Castillo

    2these are wonderful photos! I want a garden like Jessica!

    Connie Bieber

    The download time on the 10000 pt photo winner was excruciatingly long. The photo needs to be resized. The sunflower shot was spectacular! Thanks for sharing.


    The microgreens shot, the winner, showed imagination. The second shot showed us great detail. The raised beds were neat and a real inspiration to those of us who are raised bed gardeners. The bonus points shots were beautiful and created an atmosphere.


    Hello fellow gardeners, I am impressed with your creative and inspiring photographs! Congratulations on your success!

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