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May 29
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5 Late Summer Sowing Herbs

It’s heating up quick and you may be thinking that you are too late to sow seeds for a summer garden. But never fear—herbs to the rescue! They’re inexpensive and easy to grow. There are several varieties of herb seeds that can grow in and withstand the summer heat and the following herbs not only withstand it, they thrive in it! Making them prime candidates for late sowing.


Basil - Easily one of the most well-known and popular herbs on the planet, it is one of the easiest to grow. Germinates quickly, within 10-15 days and grows very quickly in warm conditions. Basil cannot withstand cold, frost-like temperatures.



Sage - Long used as a medicinal herb and believed to impart wisdom in ancient times. Can grow sage in partial sun but it prefers full sun exposure.


Rosemary - Native to the Mediterranean and a staple in classic Italian food, rosemary may be slow growing to begin with, but it will take off once established!



Dill – The herb known for pickling and seasoning fish is surprisingly tenacious and easy to grow. Albeit, Dill does not transplant well. It does, however, grow well sown in the same place it will grow for its life.



Parsley – For best flavor, pick early in the morning; flavor improves with successive cuttings. Parsley is slow to germinate so soak for overnight before sowing to speed up the germination process!


The benefits of growing these herbs either in your growing space or in containers on a balcony or porch. They attract beneficial insects whether that be to attract insects that pollinate other garden vegetables you have growing or to ward of pets such as mosquitos and wasps. Planting in containers can prove to profit your uses of these herbs: move them to where conditions are best, keep them on your windowsill as the weather cools and harvest them throughout the cooler months. 



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