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May 2
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Meal Ideas Using Asian Microgreens

Asian microgreens are perfect for adding a pop of flavor while increasing the nutritional value of your favorite foods. Incorporating microgreens into your regular meals doesn’t have to be difficult. Want to add more healthy greens that won’t stand apart from the rest of your meal? Try broccoli or cabbage microgreens, as their flavors are mild and act as a good microgreen base. We recommend trying Big Stem Chinese Broccoli, Kyoto No. 3, or Beka Santoh as they are very mild and will take on the flavor of the other ingredients they are paired with.

Want something more bold? Mustards and radishes can punch a spicy kick that is loaded with flavor. Tsa Tsai Round and Small Gai Choi mustards are especially outstanding for their delightful flavor and spice that will liven up your favorite sushi or fresh wraps. Not sure where to start? Try one of these delicious recipes. Asian microgreens are known to pair well as a garnsih for soups, wrapped in sushi or spring wraps, mixed into salads, or topping most stir-fries.



Rolls and Wraps



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