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Jan 20
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Gut Health—Why You Should be Sprouting Your Grains!

This fantastic HuffPost article points the pros of ingesting sprouted grains on a regular basis. We found it extremely informative and helpful in illustrating why we think people should be sprouting their own grains at home--a practice we’ve promoted for decades..

Article Highlights:

  • Germinating grains allows starches to breakdown along with the endosperm and phytates, making nutrients easier to absorb by the body.
  • The bioavailability of nutrients increases substantially. In the case of millet, iron increases by 300%!
  • Gluten decreases 47% when a grain is sprouted, reducing problematic proteins for celiac disease, wheat allergies, and non celiac wheat sensitivity 
  • Fiber, the gut health champion, increases when a grain is sprouted, feeding your microbiome.

These points barely cover it. Read the whole article here.

To get started sprouting your own wheat, oats, rye, or any other kind of grain, here are some ways to get started. And for more info on grinding your own grain flour, check out the Victorio Hand Grain Mill!


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