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Jordan Freytag

May 19
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Detox: The Storm Within

When the April showers turn to trickles and the sun emerges with the slate clouds overhead, I can’t help but relish in the rainbows that are born from such a transition. Just last week, a tyrannical rainstorm passed over my house. Within minutes the gutters were rushing with cool water and the rain drops sounded like pebbles on my roof. But only after a half hour of storming, the rain lightened and the clouds heaved themselves over the Wasatch Mountains and the rays from the western sun created the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen.

To me, this scene symbolizes the transition that occurs within the body when one begins eating and living healthier.

During the colder months, I am guilty of giving in to bad eating habits more frequently. I eat a lot more starches, sugars, and unnecessarily fatty meals, and of course, not being as active. As I begin to eat healthier, and keep up with my regiment of wheatgrass juice, my body goes through a kind-of craving distress. The truth is I’m going through a transitional detox because of the change in my diet and lifestyle habits. Think of it as the spring cleaning for the body, a way of "cleaning house," ridding your self of the unnessesary clutter within.

As one’s diet becomes more nutritious and holistic, the body begins to get rid of the toxins left behind by unhealthy eating habits. I’ve experienced headache and overall irritability, fatigue, and an upset stomach, but within a few days my body felt lighter and more agile than in it had in months. There are some things you can do to help your detox symptoms so you can feel better quicker.

If you are experiencing digestion problems, try replacing your grains with root vegetables, or sipping on some ginger or peppermint tea, which will help ease stomach discomfort. Take a salt bath if you are feeling muscle discomfort. The warm water will help soothe or joints and muscles and the salt will draw toxins out of the body through the skin. And make sure that you are giving your mind a rest; be sure to get enough sleep and take time to rest or meditate throughout the day.

The detox period doesn’t last too long, but it can noticeably affect you. It is like that storm passing over my house that one afternoon. It blocked out the sun and forced me indoors, but in a short span of time the storm had passed and I was left with a beautiful rainbow and a fresh scent. After the detox stage, your body will feel lighter and fresher.


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