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Energized, motivated, and blissful are three great words! These words might describe someone's mood on a perfect day. This perfect day could be the outcome of certain factors. The primary factor is physical health. People sometimes refuse to admit that the body often controls motivation. Willpower is just not enough. We wish so much to do good things, to accomplish goals and to work hard, but we are tired. How do we fix our health? In studying successful healthy lives like Ann Wigmore or Anthony Robbins-- one thing is clear… what one eats directly affects how one feels. Living, fresh, water-rich food energizes, enables motivation and makes life blissful!

Living, green superfoods give us that edge we need; they give us energy; they heal and repair our physical bodies. Ann Wigmore said “In technological societies, where so many people live in cities and are far removed from the countryside, people tend not to eat enough leafy green vegetables – forgetting the vital importance of the color green in a well balanced diet. Green foods are the principle source of vitamins and nutrients which are essential in protecting, healing and repairing the human body. The brighter the color, the richer the vegetable is in that magic ingredient chlorophyll.”

Junk food and candy, on the other hand, take the vim and vigor out of us! In his book, “Unlimited Power” Anthony Robbins stated “We see more and more evidence every day that the American diet of junk food, fast food, and additives and chemicals is causing “trapped” wastes in the body, and those wastes alter the level of oxygenation and electric energy of the body, contributing to everything from cancer to crime.” Robbins poses the question, “What if you started eating healthy, cleansing, water-content foods and stopped eating the meat and dairy products that were stressing and clogging up your system?” We all instinctively know that he is right! When we eat better, we feel better!

The best source around to get the rich living minerals that a person needs is in wheatgrass and barleygrass juice. The proof is in the way one feels! One hears people say that workouts, hours at the office, sleep, and mood all are better on the days they make sure to get their shot of grass juice. However, one daily shot of juice is not the complete magic bullet… one needs to eat good food too! Ann Wigmore noted “Because wheatgrass is such a powerful healer, people think that they can eat as they please and try to make it up by drinking wheatgrass juice. It is so unfortunate that people are not aware that what they put into their bodies on a daily basis is what constitutes health. Eating unhealthy foods and trying to make up for it by drinking wheatgrass juice does not in any way solve health problems. I hope that you will learn that Living Foods are the most important in getting back to health.”

Wheat grass and barley grass have been touted as superfoods by many people including just recently by Dr. Perricone on Oprah.com. Many of us would rather just buy a dried supplement such as spirulina, blue-green algae or chlorella rather than growing our own living superfoods. It is easier, right? Ann Wigmore advised against this, she said, “you should consider the fact that these foods have been highly processed. They are single-cell organisms surrounded by a shell that must be crushed open, allowing the content to oxidize. To limit further oxidization, the algae are packaged in light-proof containers, but the damage has already been done. In addition, the algae are heat dried at temperatures in excess of 160 Fahrenheit, which further undermines their digestibility and nutritional value.” These foods are basically dead by the time they hit the shelf. She further states “You can easily grow, harvest and drink the juice almost seconds after harvesting it, thereby reaping the full benefits of its many precious qualities, with absolutely no loss of any of its properties due to processing.”

Gradually moving oneself toward a living, raw food diet is the key to having more body energy which will truly make for many perfect days!

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