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Jul 17
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Bruce McVay: Wheatgrass & Athletic Performance

Grass and Endurance - The Athletes' Use of Wheatgrass

The newspapers have recently published several articles on recent animal studies that have proven that very low calorie highly nutritional diets enhance strength, endurance, and life longevity. Wheatgrass has by lab analysis proven to be very close to the foremost plant in the category of nutritive value per ounce. Being an ultra distance runner for 5 years (races from 30 to 100 miles or more). I tried nearly every physically enhancing supplement and natural food source to improve my health, stamina, and oxygenation process. One and one-half years ago, I began juicing 1 to 6 ounces of grass daily. After 1 to 2 months of cleansing (which consisted of a few headaches and itching) I began to notice tremendous changes in my performance, energy, stamina, etc.. Always in the past I was a middle to rear of the pack racer. Wheatgrass changed that.

This year I ran a 26-mile race in the Teton Mountains and won by half an hour. The race was in the top of the Tetons, 12,000 to 13,000 feet high, and down to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Ultra distance runners from all over the United States participated. At the 18 mile checkpoint some people with twice the amount of training as I, quit the race. Two or three finished. Something I noticed was that I never hit the wall (nausea, etc.) like I had sometimes in previous races. I was exhilarated all the way to the end of the race.

On June 5th, of this year I participated in 11.5 hour run-a-thon at the Utah State Prison. I ran over 62 miles eating primarily wheat-barley grass juice mixed into fresh apple juice. During this time, I expended over 6500 calories. My nearest competitor was over 10 miles behind. These are factual examples, but the best result is the way I feel all the time, as well as during the race: very comfortable under physical and mental stress.

Some people would think that I increased my training or trained long and hard for these races, but in reality, I cut my training in half during this period of time. I had cut my mileage from 60-90 miles per week to 30-40 miles per week. Imagine, less training, but better performances in training and in races! I have broken most of my own personal records. Another thing that amazed me about the prison race was that my laps at the last or the race were as fast as the laps at the beginning.

Wheatgrass helps numerous processes in the body but improved oxygenation (enhanced oxygen absorption) is the best one, I believe.

Do you have an interest in a major change in strength, endurance, and energy? Then give wheatgrass a 6-month try. It will work! Don't believe me? Let's go for a run in the mountains.

By Bruce McVay

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