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Aug 13
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5 Exotic Microgreens!

We, here at True Leaf Market, are always looking for new and exotic seed varieties for microgreen growing. Along with finding really tasty and beautiful strains of tried-and-true varieties like radish and mustard, we'll come across some truly unique seeds that you may have never considered suitable for growing as microgreens! For us, this is the really exciting part about being in the microgreen business. Who would've thought that a tree grown in southeast Asia and a variety of daisy would make such flavorful microgreens? They do, and in fact, three of the five following varieties are grown primarily as flowers!

Chinese Mahogany Microgreens - Also known as Chinese Toon or Red Toon, Chinese Mahogany is grown as a tree in southeast Asia. The seeds themselves carry an aroma very similar to flavor in the grown microgreen—a rich garlic flavor. A slow grower but well worth it. The crunchy stems and soft green leaves work as a great garnish or additive to any meal needing strong flavor.

Chinese Mahogany Comparison

Borage Microgreens - These unique star-shaped blue and purple flowers are common and eye-catching, but as a microgreen, they are unexpectedly packed with a fresh cucumber flavor! People have wanted to grow cucumber plants as microgreens, but it's not recommended because they are a part of the nightshade family. We always recommend borage microgreens for that cucumber flavor!

Young Nasturtium

Shungiku Microgreens - Also known as Three-color Dasiy or Chrysathemum Greens, Shungiku is grown on and the leafy greens used in salads and stir-fries. As a microgreen, the small seedlings retain the same Asian flavor—similar to Bok Choy. A quick grower—great short-term green for fast results.

shungiku comparison

Nasturtium Microgreens - Known as a showy yet edible flower with an intense peppery flavor, nasturtium microgreens contain the smae flavor just in a smaller, younger stage. With dark green leaves that look like small lily pads and varegated stems, these are definite staff favorite here at True Leaf!

Young Nasturtium

Shiso Perilla Microgreens - A member of the mint family that is also known as Beefsteak plant. Shiso can range from a mint-like flavor to a floral flavor. 

shiso perilla


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