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Mar 17
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4 Reasons Why Mushrooms are Food’s Best Kept Secret

Super high in protein—the PERFECT meat replacement!
Mushrooms are naturally high in protein, making them a perfect nutritional replacement for meat. Some mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane and Shiitake, have a firm texture which has a firm texture like meat. Even the flavors of some mushrooms resemble the heartiness of meat or the light flavor of seafood. Most mushrooms also contain a high amount of vitamin D and has been said to support the immune system.

You can grow and harvest them at home for cheap!

Did you know that mushrooms can easily be grown at home indoors or outdoors? Growing your own mushrooms will allow you to enjoy cooking and eating them without emptying your wallet at the store. You can grow them from a mycelium-treated sawdust block in a dry, low-light area of your home. Or you can break up the block into chunks, bury the chunks beneath a substantial layer of soil in the garden and watch your mushrooms rise. If you choose to grow indoors, you can work it into your soil after the block is spent. This will add nutrients to your soil for your garden vegetables and plants!

Mushrooms make great teas!
All kinds of mushrooms can be dried on a cloth in the sun or in the oven, and afterward, they can be crushed and made into a wide variety of teas. Use tea bags, tea infusers, and even a coffee maker. Mushroom teas can be soothing for the body and spirit. Popular mushrooms for teas are Reishi and Chaga. Folks living in Siberia, Russia often drink Chaga tea, believing it to be a supplement that improves overall health and longevity. Asian cultures have long used Reishi for its believed medicinal properties.

So many different types—a flavor for everyone
The reality is that mushrooms come in so many varieties that you may never be able to discover them all. The flavor spectrum of mushrooms varies greatly, ranging from a seafood-like flavor with Yellow Mushrooms to the earthy flavor of Shiitake Mushrooms. Mushrooms come in many sizes too. Also known as Garden Giant, Wine Cap Mushrooms grow to be very large, and are more suited for outdoor growing as it will provide additional nutrients for surrounding plants. In general, mushrooms can adapt to changing environments. This also makes them such a treasure: the ability to grow in just about any climate on Earth.


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