Asparagus Fern - A. sprengeri

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Great decorative fern for indoors and outdoors. Branches are long and graceful with medium green, needle-like foliage that may adorn small pastel flowers.

Asparagus Fern Seed | A. Sprengeri

Asparagus densiflourus

A member of the lily family, A. Sprengeri Asparagus Fern works great on the borders of gardens and in containers such as hanging baskets. People have also been known to use this herbaceous perennial as ground cover for areas of their garden because of it's spreading growth habit. 

  • Height - 1 to 2 feet
  • Spacing - 3 to 4 feet
  • Spread - 3 to 4 feet

A. Sprengeri is a plant that is easy to maintain and to care for, requiring minimal pruning, and will brighten your garden with its light green foliage. Approximately 600 seeds/oz.

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