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    75 to 120 days. Use licorice flavored leaves in salads, and the seeds to flavor applesauce, cakes, confections, and liquors. Grows tall with finely serrated leaves, topped by umbels of white blossoms. Wonderfully fragrant.

    Anise Garden Planting Seeds 

    Pimpinella anisum

    Native to the Mediterranean, North American, and Asian regions, Anise has been known to aid in an upset stomach and cough. Used by Native Americans to freshen breath, chewing leaves and stems after a meal. Used also in soaps, perfumes, and sachets because of its aromatic properties.

    • Height - 24 to 36 inches
    • Spacing - 18 to 24 inches

    Pair with cabbages and grapes. Attracts bees, butterflies, and birds. The plant will blossoms into umbrella shaped blooms that are white.

    Approx. 33,000 seeds/oz. 

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