3 Gallon Hanging Basket

Planter Quantity:

Great for flower gardens and urban gardens, the 3-gallon Hanging Flower and Vegetable Basket, allows your to grow what you need with a unique display that will get noticed and admired.

3-Gallon Hanging Flower and Vegetable Basket

Not only do the holes in each basket allow oxygen to reach the roots of your flowers or vegetables but promotes a unique growing pattern that attracts the eye. Flower and vegetable foliage grow out of the holes in the side of the baskets, taking on the appearance of a hanging bush.

  • 10 inches high
  • 11 inches internal diameter
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Two rows of eight openings
  • Wire Hanger is included.

Bulk Amounts

Case = 24 Baskets

1/4 Pallet = 300

Full Pallet = 1200

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