24" Lawn Stand

Planter Quantity:

Simple and unique way to display your flowers in your yard. This stand can easily be transplanted anywhere in your yard, due to its three spikes that hold itself in place. 

24" Lawn Stand Planter Basket Holder

This 2-foot lawn stand has been designed to be staked directly into your yard. The stand is designed for a 3-gallon basket (not included) and is a great alternative to a shepherd hook when you need to add a spot of color or interest in a specific location. 

Choose the location for the stand, be sure it is free of any pipe or drip lines, or other utilities that might be within a foot from the surface of the ground (you just don't want the stake to cut into them when you insert it into the soil). Push the stand into the dirt. Place the planted bloom master directly into the holder atop the lawnstand. 

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